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Additionally, it?s a superbly fine tweak. Hopefully, the developer will convince give a option to alter the amount of occasions photos are available in an update. Possibly future updates also results in careful change between rounded photos and square ones with rounded edges, after i personally think that would fit better with iOS. Installing the tweak did not add any application icons, or options inside the Settings menu. It’s among individuals upright install-and-use kind of jailbreak tweaks. This is often apparent, but you will have to jailbreak your iOS 6-running iPhone or ipod device device device device touch using evasi0n to get into Cydia, and subsequently, install Messages Conversation Photos. Messages Conversation Photos may be acquired like a download free beneath the BigBoss repo inside the Cydia store. If you?d rather add contact photos only to the main screen inside the Messages application, ensure to have a look at xMessages.